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ZR0602-C model Drawer Iron Separator

ZR0602-C model Drawer Iron Separator

  Drawer Iron Separators are widely used in the field of ceramics. Chemicals. Plastics. rubber. dyes. Food. Pharmaceutical. Mining and environmental protection. etc.,it was suitable for separating ferromagnetic impurities from dry powder.flake and granular materials.


  1.Drawer Separators can be designed as Strong magnetic type (maximum field 12000GS) and Easy cleaning type (maximum magnetic field 8000GS) for users¡¯ option
  2.Entrance and exit  of  Drawer Separator can be designed into round or square flange interface. was easily installed in variety of pipeline as user¡¯s requirement.
  3.The standarded working temperature ¡Ü80 ¡æ. working temperature can be increased as user' requirement
  4.We can provide magnetic frame with single/double layer or multi-layers as user¡¯s requirement.
  5.304 and 316L stainless steel was available as Drawer material

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