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ZR0709 series of electromagnetic iron separator in dry powder processing

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  With the increasing requirement for purity index of powder materials at home and abroad. the iron removal and purification treatment of powder materials has become an urgent problem in these industries. due to the particularity of powder materials. the iron removal effects of many equipment was not ideal. and the cleaning is troublesome. couldn’t meet the requirement of enterprises. after years of exploration and research. our company had developed a cost-effective ZR0709 series dry powder processing electromagnetic iron separator. magnetic intensity of  ZR0709 electromagnetic separator reached 18000~20000GS. with strong gravitation and arresting force. which not only separate most iron power of machinery. but also oxygen iron (Fe203) in material and other weak magnetic impurities.with excellent effects. It’s also be efficient on cleaning. in 10 seconds to discharge all iron. this machine can be single used. also be multiple series or parallel combination in order to further improve the effect of removing iron. for enterprise who want to improve purity and grade of powder material. ZR0709 series magnetic iron separator was the first choice

Performance characteristics:

  1.Unique design. the magnetic field strength in the working chamber is as high as 1.8~20,000 gauss. with excellent effect on iron removal. high cost Performance.
  2.Be convenient and quick for cleaning. it takes only ten seconds to discharge all iron.
  3.Using forced oil circulation water cooling method. the effect is ideal.
  4.During the working. the magnetic cavity is in a vibrating state to ensure the material is unobstructed.
  5.Take measures to reduce vibration and noise to ensure equipment be stable operation and low noise;
  6.It has function of real-time temperature monitoring and automatic control. when the oil temperature rises to the set index. the system will automatically alarm until the machine stops. thus effectively avoiding the coil burning due to high temperature.
  7.Full-automatic model of ZR0709 magnetic separator adopts PLC intelligent control to automatically complete all actions such as excitation. feeding and iron discharging. without manual operation. reducing the cost of the enterprise and avoiding the human factors affecting the iron removal. the color touch screen sets parameters. touches the button and displays the working status. It’s also equipped with a manual operation panel. be advanced and humanized.

Structural diagram for ZR0709


导磁网:Magnetic mesh plate
料仓:Feeding bin
排铁口:Discharge opening for iron
给料机:Feeding machine
导热油: heat transfer oil
排料口:discharge opening


The working principle of Magnetic iron separator: 

  the coil is energized to produce a magnetic field in the magnetic cavity. through the magnetic conductive loop. the magnetic field forms a high-density magnetic field in the cavity. then magnetic mesh plate is magnetized in magnetic cavity to produce a strong magnetic field. when powder materials passes through the mesh plate group. wherein the magnetic impurities are adsorbed on the mesh plate. the non-magnetic material is discharged through the discharge opening hole. when clean the magnetic impurities. the electricity was cut-out and coils lose magnetic. the mesh plate lose magnetic at same time. then impurities material lose suction and fall under gravity / vibration through the discharge opening hole.


The schematic diagram of iron separator working principle:


原料 material
弱振马达工作    The weak vibration motor
排铁口  Discharge opening for iron   
排料口   Discharge opening for material  
磁性物质杂质 : The magnetic substance impurity:
工作 working
排铁 removing iron


The main technical parameters:


Model No. Magnetic induction (Gauss) Input voltage Excitation power(Kw) Production capacity(t/h) Adapt material Mainframe
ZR0709-2-16 16000 AC
Three phase and Four wire
≤3.9 0.2~0.5

a.8 mesh to a fine dry powder or particles.
b.non-magnetic material
d. iron content lower than 1%

ZR0709-2-16-T1 17000 ≤5.3 0.2~0.5 650
ZR0709-2-16-T2 18000 ≤6.8 0.2~0.5 760
ZR0709-2-20 16000 ≤6.2 0.5~1.0 720
ZR0709-2-20-T1 17000 ≤6.8 0.5~1.0 860
ZR0709-2-20-T2 18000 ≤7.8 0.5~1.0 980
ZR0709-2-25 16000 ≤7.0 0.8`~1.5 950
ZR0709-2-25-T1 17000 ≤8.1 0.8`~1.5 1150
ZR0709-2-25-T2 18000 ≤9.5 0.8`~1.5 1360
ZR0709-2-30 16000 ≤8.5 1.0~2.0 1260
ZR0709-2-30-T1 17000 ≤10.0 1.0~2.0 1450
ZR0709-2-30-T2 18000 ≤12.0 1.0~2.0 1680
ZR0709-2-35 16000 ≤10.5 2.0~5.0 1600
ZR0709-2-35-T1 17000 ≤12.5 2.0~5.0 1830
ZR0709-2-35-T2 18000 ≤15.6 2.0~5.0 2080
ZR0709-2-40 16000 ≤12.5 5.0~10.0 2030
ZR0709-2-40-T1 17000 ≤15.6 5.0~10.0 2280
ZR0709-2-40-T2 18000 ≤19.6 5.0~10.0 2580



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