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ZR0709-2-G series of electromagnetic iron separator for high purity dry powder processing

  ZR0709-2-G series of Electromagnetic Iron Separator for high purity dry powder processing. was made for high purity powder enterprises. base on technology of ZR0709 series of electromagnetic dry power iron separator. through optimizing the coil structure. compressing the magnetic field space. to strengthen the heat capacity and other technical measures. to obtain a magnetic field with higher intensity. larger gradient. and the radial distribution is more uniform. meanwhile. lengthened the magnetic cavity length. increasing the magnetic separation process. as far as possible to reduce the unfavorable factors influencing iron removal effect. get more ideal result. for enterprises with particularly requirements on material purity. this machine is preferred. we can provide various models for users to choose.


The main technical parameters:


Model No. Magnetic induction (Gauss) Input voltage Excitation power£¨Kw£© Production capacity£¨t/h£© Adapt material Mainframe
ZR0709-2-16-G1 19000 AC
Three phase and Four wire
7.8 0.2¡«0.6 a.8 mesh to a fine dry powder or particles.
b.non-magnetic material
d. iron content lower than 1%
ZR0709-2-16-G2 20000 9.2 0.2¡«0.6 1100
ZR0709-2-20-G1 19000 9.5 0.5~1.0 1230
ZR0709-2-20-G2 20000 11.5 0.5~1.0 1500
ZR0709-2-25-G1 19000 12.0 0.8~1.5 1640
ZR0709-2-25-G2 20000 15.1 0.8~1.5 1970
ZR0709-2-30-G1 19000 15.1 1.0~2.0 2120
ZR0709-2-30-G2 20000 19.2 1.0~2.0 2480
ZR0709-2-35-G1 19000 19.2 2.0~5.0 2680
ZR0709-2-35-G2 20000 24.5 2.0~5.0 2970


Note: The system supporting accessories can be customized according to user requirements.

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