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ZR0709-3-H3 series Electromagnetic Iron Separator



  ZR0709-3-H3 series Electromagnetic Iron Separator is based on principle and mature technology of ZR0709-2 Series Electromagnetic Iron Separator for powder processing. it draws on the advantages of similar equipment in the United States. Japan and Korea. absorbing and improving. then develope new electromagnetic iron separator with international advanced level. Compared with similar equipment in the United States. Japan and South Korea. the equipment has stronger magnetic force and better performance. all performance indexes meet or exceed similar imported equipment.

Performance characteristics:

  1. Advanced technology: absorbed and improved on the basis of similar equipment in the United States. Japan and Korea. The magnetic force is stronger and the performance is better. All performance indicators meet or exceed the similar imported equipment.
  2.High efficiency of iron removal: Unique structural design. high magnetic properties. making the device has excellent iron removal efficiency. could provide guarantee for strict purity requirements of high purity materials.
  3.Applicable to fine materials that are not easy to circulate: under the action of the vibrating motor. the material less than 200 microns in size or material with high humidity could pass through the screen. very little material left.
  4. Easy installation: As long as the bracket is secure. the space is reasonable. equipment can be installed in a few minutes.
  5. Completely separate iron powder from basic materials: the unique design of the discharge valve completely eliminates the separated iron powder entering the basic material. and the basic material does not enter the impurity box. and is suitable for negative pressure conveying occasions.


The main technical parameters:


Main model ZR0709-3-15-H3 ZR0709-3-23-H3 ZR0709-3-30-H3
Magnetized power£¨kW£© 7.5 9.5 12
Maximum Hollow Field Strength£¨Gs£© 4200 4200 4200
Standard screen mesh (number of sheets) 20 17 17
Weight (Kg) 2500 3200 4000

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